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Priority areas for objectives in language teaching contexts

language teaching contexts

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. – Henri Bergson L. Education is useless when behavioral objectives are highlighted and used. These are the performance indicators that determine the learning effects. They determine how the learning

Three hidden ways education contributes to discrimination

The Ontario educational system is a world-class education system. Canadian students performing well in PISA – the International Student Assessment Program – and the results achieved over the past fifteen years have helped increase literacy and elementary arithmetic, improve graduation

Simple tips to keep your order of the national flag in top form

Each country has a national, if you are rather patriotic flag, you want to launch measures to ensure that your choice of national flag is kept in good shape. Flags are living emblems and should be treated with respect. A

Joan of Arc Complex

problem kid

Sometimes I think I have a mental health problem at any time and pharmaceutical companies develop a small asteroid green pill to cure me of my illness. I call it my Joan of Arc complex. You see, I hear voices

The descendants of Aeolus – In the taboo of incest


Incest is not as clear-cut as that which has been established for more than millennial taboos. Many of the participants claim to have enjoyed the act and its physical and emotional consequences. This is often the result of seduction. In

Create a winning mentality


Do you know someone who always wins? Of course you know this person, everything works just for them. They enter into business and are an immediate success. They enter the world of dating and their rings off-hook. If they were

The Theory of Human Development

human development

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “identity crisis” before. It is considered a conflict of oneself and society and its introduction came from one of the most famous psychoanalysts of the 20th century. Sigmund Freud is probably the most familiar

Treatment modalities and therapies

Treatment modalities

Narcissism constitutes the personality. He is omnipresent. Being a narcissist is like being an alcoholic, but much more. Alcoholism is impulsive behavior. Narcissists exhibit dozens of similar careless behavior, some of them uncontrollable (such as rage, the result of their

The Right Place for Instructors

the Instructors

A titanic, but the characteristics make water the mouth of an instructor is to assume the role of a consultant. Although the primary goal of the instructor is to provide academic knowledge in the field of content provision, he /

Why people choose middle courses

middle courses class

Many people are looking for ways to help them have a better future. On the one hand, people study hard to complete their course. Then some people spend their time to find well-paying jobs. And, some people opt for training.